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Lesbian Cupid is a lesbian dating site, powered by the ‘Cupid’s Arrow’ engine. Lesbian Cupid is fairly new in the lesbian dating market, but a number of reviews prove its success for women who are looking to date other women within their geographic area. The website has a thorough searching system where women can filter potential dates based on their ‘lesbian personals’ such as interests, beliefs, hobbies and other important criteria.

Lesbian Only Platform

Obviously, the website only caters to lesbians only, which is effectively communicated through their website banner, “connecting lesbians everywhere”. It’s a great place for women to seek other women interested in relationships, fun, sex or even just friendship. A lot of lesbians (especially if they have just come out of the closet) are unable to befriend people with sexual orientation same as theirs. Lesbian Cupid gives them a chance to expand their social network with women who they have more in common with. The best thing about dating sites is that it gives the person a community feel. Engaging with other lesbian women through blog posts and forums helps them be part of something they are missing in real life. From online dating sites, these women can obviously develop more personal relationships.

Website Layout

The overall tone of the profile makes is very amicable, with its pink background and creative Lesbian Cupid logo. The profile sections have a ‘frankness’ to them that immediately makes the user feel very comfortable. Also, the different profile sections and criteria make it very easy for members to filter potential dates that they have common interests with.

Profile Setup

Profile setup at Lesbian Cupid is fairly straightforward and takes only a few minutes. If you hate filling out long questionnaires and quizzes, then Lesbian Cupid is the best choice. A lot people who use online dating websites, do so because they have full packed schedules with no time for socializing or finding dates. Online dating allows them to connect with people immediately, so the hassle of filling out long questionnaires shouldn’t hinder their online dating experience.

User Interface

The website’s user interface is fairly simple and straightforward, but its success in being a lesbian dating site is questionable. There are not enough members and it seems that it has a long way to go still in terms of popularity. Once there are enough members on the website, it can be appropriately judged for its success as a lesbian dating website. For now, it’s safe to say that it’s doing all the right things an online dating website should do.

Safety Features

Lesbian Cupid currently has about 5000 members, but its high level of safety seems to be attracting more and more women. All profiles on Lesbian Cupid are regulated to keep it devoid of scammers and fake profiles. All profile pictures, audio and video clips are verified by the Lesbian Cupid team before it becomes available to other members of the website. The site also has a ‘safety tips’ link where it warns its members against online dating scams. These safety tips include guidelines on how to perform background checks, how to stay safe when you meet in person and how to avoid scammers. The online dating world is full of fraudulent incidences, so it’s better to be safe than sorry. The level of safety available for Lesbian Cupid members is commendable and it’s definitely one of the website’s attractive qualities.

The photo verification feature is also helpful for the members of Lesbian Cupid because not only does it prevent scammers, it also eliminates people who have real profiles but fake photos in an attempt to get more dates. Fake profile photos are the number one reason why a lot of people have lost trust in online dating, so having each profile picture verified considerably increases the website’s credibility.

Profile Building

Other than safety features, Lesbian Cupid also has multiple profile sections. First you fill out the basics including height, body type, dating interests (chat, friendship, serious etc.), eye colour, hair colour, smoking and drinking preferences, and lastly, sexual orientation. Then there are more detailed, open-ended profile sections. The first section asks the user to pick out a title or a slogan to go with their profile. The second section asks, “tell us about yourself,” where the user has the opportunity to describe themselves, their interests, hobbies and anything else that will make them stand out. The third section asks, “what are you looking for?” where the user can explain if they are looking for fun, flirting, chat or relationships.

Registration and Paid Subcription

Registering for Lesbian Cupid is completely free. The subscription charges, on the other hand, are $7.95 per month, with a semi-annual package of $29.95 and an annual package of $49.95. The website also a ‘contact us’ form that can be filled out if you have any questions or troubles you may be experiencing.

Sister Sites

Cupids Arrow not only runs Lesbian Cupid, but other niche dating websites as well, such as Japanese Cupid, Italian Cupid and Muslim Mingle. By bringing together different niches, Cupids Arrow has successfully connected millions of couples across countries and it’s always looking for more niches to connect people of similar backgrounds and preferences.

Editor`s Verdict

Lesbian Cupid is a fairly good choice for lesbians to connect with other women of similar interests and hobbies. Its safety features allows them to mingle in an environment where they don’t have to worry about fraudulent incidences. The simple straightforward profile setup and verification procedures considerably cuts down the time you have to spend online in search for viable dates, leaving you with more time to mingle with someone who could potentially be the love of your life!

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