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Lesbotronic is a rather old lesbian dating website that was founded in 1999. It is a free dating website (explaining its outdated web design) that doesn’t offer anything for lesbian dating at all! There is no internal email system on the site and no signs of an instant messenger whatsoever. You cannot view other profiles and most individuals wanting to sign up have to add their personal emails, which isn’t exactly the safest option.

Since you can’t even see other profiles, you don’t know if there are other members on the website or find details on the least date members. Apart from this, much of the content on the website is written in a rather ‘rude’ format. Take the home page, for instance: “We're lesbians connecting lesbians to other lesbians… and bisexual women, transgender folks, gender queer folks and/or other "alternative" individuals… if you'd even label them "alternative".

What is that even supposed to mean?? But, that isn’t all! There are plenty of other funny and rude blunders the Lesbotronic.com site has made. To understand more, read on to learn more about creating an account, key features, membership options, search capabilities, connectivity, and safety.

Creating an Account

To join Lesbotronic.com, you have to click on Sign Up, located on the top right corner of the page. However, this option won’t get you anywhere. The Signup page actually has a statement which says they have removed the Signup page because previous members got confused. But, who can blame them? The signup process is extensive and required individuals to answer questions about diet, grooming, appearance, and politics!

Don’t believe us? You don’t have to! Visit the page here and you can see an open statement: “We’re sticking this wee interstitial page here because a few folks got confused, so now we’re trying to head any future confusion off at the pass, if you will”. As you can see, the site almost acts, as if they are doing us a favor and ask you to sign up via an email address. Why? To ensure members create “only one active profile per Lesbotronic-appropriate human”.

This can further be elaborated by this sentence: “On behalf of all current members whose time you might waste if you had multiple profiles active, any attempt on the part of one individual human to generate multiple active profiles, using more than one email address or otherwise, will be viewed as an act of time-wasting spammy obnoxiousness and is grounds for deletion of all your profiles.” Emphasis on the “all current members whose time YOU might waste” Like seriously? Why do you even have this site up in the first place?

Key Features

If we are completely honest, there are no key features on the website. There is no way to sign up, no option to connect to Facebook, no option for uploading photos, no instant messenger, no blog, no community events, or no fun connectivity features (like sending a poke, like, or kiss) whatsoever. So, we don’t know why anyone would join the website?

New members who join the website have stated they cannot access the forum. Apart from this, there is no way for members to rate one another, no way to track who visits your profile, and no way to see who is even online! The site does have a FAQ page, however, which isn’t really helpful. In fact, it’s quite hilarious, in and of itself.

If you visit the FAQ page, you will be provided a list of reasons why the USERS are to blame for any and all issues they might have with the site. For instance, it begins with: “Hey there. This is our FAQ. We spent a lot of time on it”. Okay, so does every other FREE website, as the whole purpose of creating a website is to HELP THE USERS! What’s with the attitude, geez?

Moving on further, the site says: “If you have a question not already answered here, email us. However, please understand that since this site is 100% free, we don't get paid to answer anyone's email”. Wow, do you want to attract people or drive them away? The site further states they do answer a lot of emails because they nice and happy to be helpful.

However, since they have an extremely high email volume due to their LARGE MEMBERSHIP list (imaginary, so far), they want uses to first take the time to see if they haven’t ALREADY answered their questions. This in simple words means do not EMAIL them at all, regardless of what happens if you join the website.

Membership Options

There are no membership options. The site is completely free. However, there are no features available that make it worthy to sign up. In fact, the site’s rude attitude and not so helpful FAQ make it completely useless. There are plenty of other good options available, like Pink Lobster Dating and One Scene, which provide better features, without acting all high and mighty.

Search Capabilities

There are no search capabilities available on the site. In fact, you don’t even have the option to message different users from your location. The site will simply provide you a list of members who are 50 miles away from your location! So, there is absolutely no way you can find the ONE or even begin dating on this website.


As mentioned earlier, there are no features to connect with other members. You cannot view other profiles or gain information regarding the last online status of members.


The only thing good about the site is probably its safety. You cannot view anything about other members. So, you don’t have to worry about the site publishing anything wrong for public viewing. In fact, even if they do publish anything, they will probably BLAME it on you for doing something that went against their huge list of rules.

Editor`s Verdict

After taking the above mentioned factors into consideration, it is safe to say you shouldn’t join Lesbotronic even it’s the last lesbian dating website on the world. You can find better and more cooperative services online that don’t brag about themselves being helpful to the LGBT community or providing a service that is FREE.

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