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One scene is another big player in the Gay and Lesbian online dating world, which is one of the fastest growing LGBT websites today. The site is free and attracts a lot of good looking twenty-something’s. Not to mention, the dating website is entirely operated, created, and owned by homosexual. In fact, the whole site has been designed and optimized from the ground up to support the LGBT community, also showing their interests in international marriage equality of gays and lesbians.

Subsequently, One scene is the ultimate international dating site for lesbians and gays who are looking for partners in romance, love, casual encounters, friendship and more. It even offers a range of desktop and mobile apps, so that members can start dating from anywhere at any time. All you have to do is: join for fee, create your own unique profile, and search and browse the large database for your special preferences and personality.

Creating an Account

Creating your free account on One scene is incredibly easy and doesn’t require much effort. Enter into the URL of your browser and on the top right left corner of the page click on the ‘Start Here’ tab. You will be redirected to the sign up page. Here individuals have two options two create a free account.

If you simply want to begin with the dating process, you can click on the “Join with Facebook” tab. You will be asked to enter your Facebook ID and password, after which a profile will be created automatically. However, if you prefer to register a new account using your email address, you can simply click on the “Register New Account” tab.

You will have to provide your first name or nickname, select your gender, sexuality for the first step. The next step involves choosing a password, entering your email address, your date of birth, and location. Once done, you simply tick the terms of services (that confirms you agree to the terms of use and you are over the age of 18).

Key Features

One scene has a variety of features to offer its members, which makes the whole online dating scenario relatively easier. The best thing about it is: since joining is free and you don’t have to purchase a membership, you get to utilize all the site’s features. Some of these key features that make the site worth using for dating include:

  • Facebook Sign Up – The option of signing up with Facebook provides the easiest way to join One scene. Since the website all respects your privacy, it doesn’t request the necessary permissions to read your friends list or post on your wall.
  • Instant Chat – One scene provides an easy option to communicate with singles of your sexual preference by simply adding a “chat” option to each profile. This enables you to chat with your favorites in real-time, hence increasing the chances of you finding your perfect match.
  • Lifestyle Insight – One of the best features of One scene is that it provides a complete lifestyle insight on single. For instance, by simply clicking on a profile, you can obtain valuable information, which include: Lives, Faith, Has Children, Wants Children, Education, Occupation, Income Bracket, Political Interests, Drinks, Diet, Smokes, and Drugs.
  • Send Icebreaker – A relatively new feature found in the One scene website is the “send Icebreaker” option attached to each profile. This option enables interested singles to wink, wave, smile, or poke their crushes.
  • Favorite’s List – Members are also allowed to manage and create favorites list. You can simply click on a single’s profile and click on the “Add Favorite” option to view the profile at a later time. This allows individuals to effectively manger their interactions in a swift and easy manner.
  • Range of Apps – Last, but not the least, One scene offers free chat to thousands of LGBT daters for free and enables them to stay in touch with their lovers via mobile apps, browser apps, and desktop apps. What else could a person ask for?

Membership Options

One of the main benefits of One scene is that you don’t have to pay for creating a profile. You can join for free and take advantage of all the features the site has to offer. Subsequently, the site is the perfect option for relatively new individuals who haven’t given online dating a try or have just joined the LGBT online dating community. So, forget about paying a yearly, monthly or weekly membership at any other site and simply register yourself at One scene to hook up with individuals that match your sexual preference, interests, hobbies, etc.

Search Capabilities

One scene has thousands of active members from all over the globe. By simply using the basic search options offered on the website, you will be able to find your perfect match that suits your interests and preferences. All you have to do is: click on the browse option, located on the top right corner of the page.

Once the page loads with a list of all members, you can narrow down your search by filtering criteria for lesbians or bisexuals in your area and by the types of activities they enjoy. You can also gain useful insight about where the live, whether or not they have children, want children, or have any interests in drugs, smoking, or drinking.


One scene offers numerous ways to initiate contact with other members on the site and show that you’re interested in them. You can simply click on the chat option on every profile to begin chatting with them instantly. If you develop a bonding, you can click on the “adds friend” option. Another way to initiate contact is by clicking the ‘send icebreaker’ tab, which enables users to send winks, waves, smiles or pokes to interested profiles.


One scene is an incredibly safe website to join for dating and this is one of the main reasons why it has a large user base (with all profiles being active and filled out). Apart from this, the website has ranked as high as 269,399 in the world and generates about 90% traffic from the USA. While the website does have a mediocre Google page rank, it has quite a safe domain.

Apart from this, the site is committed to offering its members a secure and safe environment. This is one of the main reasons why it doesn’t even ask for permissions of access information on Facebook while joining. The site also outlines a detailed privacy, but that doesn’t mean you be careless. It’s important that you be careful about who you choose to share your information and pictures with.

Editor`s Verdict

After taking all the above mentioned factors into account, it is safe to say that One scene is definitely a good option for lesbians, gays, and bisexuals who want to start or experience online dating. Of course, there are a few features that are lacking, but the site is exceptional for a startup, and will grow in the future to be a renowned supporter of the LGBT community.

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